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The Fondazione Nazionale della Danza - Aterballetto has been running since 1977 and collaborates with some of the most important choreographers in the international contemporary panorama, paying attention also to the most interesting young Italian performers.

The new course that Fondazione Nazionale della Danza – Aterballetto has embarked upon starting in 2017 is driven by renewed guiding principles: to produce performances belonging to diverse artistic and choreographic universes, targeted at different audiences and individually designed to suit all kinds of theatre spaces. While keeping up and developing its widely-recognised standing, it aims to turn its attention to both the national panorama and the international one, and broadening the scope of Italian dance beyond the boundaries.

Spurred by this impetus to develop an expressive approach that is by definition contemporary and international, FND will initiate partnerships and collaborative projects, playing a key promotion and programming role within them, independently of works from its own repertory.



Golden Days

World première : 30 June 2017, Festival Italica – Sevilla

Choreography : Johan Inger

Music : Tom Waits, Patti Smith, Keith Jarrett

Set design : Johan Inger

Costumes : Johan Inger, Francesca Messori and Carolina Armenta

Lighting design : Peter Lundin

There are 'golden days' in the past of each one of us. History, memories and nostalgia often resurface thanks to music. And for the brilliant Swedish choreographer Johan Inger, currently in great demand by theatres throughout Europe, the key to access his golden days again lies in the musical pieces by Tom Waits, Patti Smith and Keith Jarrett. The show features two of Inger's previous works, Rain Dogs and BLISS, linked together by a new short solo performance: Birdland.

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