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L.A Dance Project is a program of events founded by renowned choreographer and dancer Benjamin Millepied. Its premiere performances commissioned by Glorya Kaufman presents Dance at the Music Center are scheduled for September 22 and 23, 2012 at Walt Disney Concert Hall at the Music Center. Millepied founded L.A Dance Project as an art collective together with composer Nico Muhly, art consultant Matthieu Humery, producer Charles Fabius and film producer Dimitri Chamblas.
L.A Dance Project’s goal is to create new work and to revive seminal collaborations from the past. Programs will include full-length evenings in traditional theater venues as well as various modular performances in non-traditional environments. L.A Dance Project presenting partners : Los Angeles Music Center, Théâtre du Châtelet – Paris, Maison de la Danse – Lyon, Sadler’s Wells – London.

LA Dance Project, founder Benjamin Millepied


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Premiere on May 23rd, 2013 at Théâtre du Châtelet, Paris

Choreography : Benjamin Millepied

In collaboration with Julia Eichten, Charlie Hodges, Morgan Lugo, Nathan Makolandra, Amanda Wells

Music : David Lang

Visual Concept and Costume : Barbara Kruger

Lights  : Roderick Murray

Piano : Adrew Zolinsky

Length: 40 minutes

Piece for 5 dancers

Donor Recognition Van Cleef & Arpels

Reflections is conceived as a true artistic collaboration, not only between choreographer Benjamin Millepied, composer David Lang and artist Barbara Kruger, but also between Millepied and the dancers of L.A. Dance Project. 

Commissioned by Van Cleef and Arpels as the first part of a Triptych "Gems", to be completed by two completely different artistic teams under the supervision of Millepied, Reflections premieres at the Théâtre du Châtelet in Paris, France on May 23, 2013. 

The stark essentiality of Kruger's artwork captures the sensuality and ephemeral feelings of longing and desire, which runs through all of Millepied's work. David Lang's minimal score for piano solo is a unique selection from This was written by hand/memory pieces, carefully chosen by Millepied and Kruger during the collaborative workshop process in Los Angeles and performed by Andrew Zolinsky for Cantaloupe Records.




Premiere on Septembre 22nd, 2012 at The Walt Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles

Commissioned by Glorya Kaufman Presents Dance at the Music Center, Los Angeles

Choreography : Benjamin Millepied 

Music composition : Nico Mulhy

Visual Installation : Christopher Wool 

Costumes : Design Kate and Laura Mulleavy from RODART 

Lighting Design : Roderick Murray

Length : 25 minutes

Piece for 5 dancers and 2 musicians



Premiere on September 17th, 2013 at Maison de la Danse (Lyon)

Choreography : Emanuel Gat

Music : Johann Sebastian Bach and H. Purcell

Sound, lights and costumes : Emanuel Gat 

Assistant to the choreographer : Geneviève Osborne

Length : 20 minutes

Piece for 6 dancers


Morgan's Last Chug, is a study on layered temporality. A multifaceted look at the experience of passing time, through both the choreographic and the audible. Through a series of relentless variations, using different modalities of time related composition, the dancers explore dance as an inherently musical practice, bringing forth its temporal aspects and mechanisms. Beckett's compelling monologue from "krapp's last tape", in itself a theatrical counterpoint between live and recorded text, highlights the innumerable ways in which the human experience is inhabited and highlighted by passing time.



Premiere on October 9th, 1993 at Frankfurt, Opernhaus

Choreography: William Forsythe

In collaboration with Dana Caspersen, Stephen Galloway, Jaccopo Godani, Thomas McManus, Jone San Martin

Music: Gavin Bryars (Jesus Blood never failed me yet) 

Costume Design : Stephen Galloway

Lighting Design : William Forsythe 

Staging : William Forsythe, Stephen Galloway, Thomas McManus, Jone San Martin

Length : 26 minutes

Piece for 5 dancers



Lyrical, committed and moving, Quintett is a quiet masterpiece set to Gavin Bryars's "Jesus' Blood Never Failed Me Yet." On stage filled with bright, white light, Quintett brilliantly evokes and develops Bryars's themes of loss, hope, fear and joy. In Quintett the dancers set into motion a seamless flow of duets, solos and trios in counterpoint to the heartbeat of Gavin Bryars's music. Weaving and tumbling, the dancers create an eddying force that grows in fluid, joyous complexity-a torrent containing, in its bright, vital vision, an awareness of its own eventual end.



Premiere on September 17th, 2013 at Maison de la Danse (Lyon)

Choreography : Justin Peck

Music : Bryce Dessner, with the agreement of Chester Music Limited, recorded by eight blackbird

Lights : Brandon Stirling Baker 

Costumes : Justin Peck

Visual concept : Sterling Ruby (command of the L.A Dance Project for the Théâtre du Châtelet)

Duration : 20 minutes

Piece for 6 dancers



Murder Ballades was written for and recorded by eighth blackbird at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago on May 2-3, 2013.  Murder Ballades was commissioned by eighth blackbird and Lunapark and funded by The Doelen Concert Hall, Rotterdam, Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ, Amsterdam, and Muziekgebouw Frits Philips, Eindhoven, with the financial support of The Van Beinum Foundation, The Netherlands, with additional support from Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago.


"For quite some time I have wanted to examine the strange and rich tradition of American Murder Ballades. As Justin Peck and I started to consider ideas for our first collaboration on a new work for L.A. Dance Project, I started to examine various strands of American music, both folk and classical, popular and sacred. Around the time I was working we had the horrible tragic shootings in Aurora and Sandy Hook and I started to think about the nature of violence in American Identity.  The American murder ballad tradition is based on an older European tradition of recounting the details of murders through song. The American tradition over time took on its own localized vernacular, with various stories (often based on similar events or even the same melodies) being told and re-told over the generations.  These ballads have long been central to the American folk tradition. In my 'Murder Ballades,' recorded by the American chamber music ensemble Eighth Blackbird, I chose to re-examine several of these old songs and allow them to inspire my own music in response, both within the songs themselves and then in additional movements. " Bryce Dessner




Premiere on March 21th, 1964 at Hatford, Connecticut

Choreography: Merce Cunningham 

Music composition : La Monte Young - 2 sounds 

Sets and costumes design : Robert Rauschenberg

Lighting design : Beverly Emmons (Based on concepts by Robert Rauschenberg)

Length : 23 minutes

Piece for 6 dancers


Winterbranch was performed all over the world during the dance company's 1964 tour and caused a sensation wherever it was given. It remained in the repertory until 1976. Most recently it was reconstructed for the Cunningham Repertory Group who performed it in the Merce Cunningham Studio in November 2011. Merce Cunningham said of its original creation "Winterbranch began with the physical fact of a human being falling and rising. Other factors, visual and sound factors, entered later."



Premiere on March 5th, 2014 at Théâtre du Châtelet, Paris

Choreography, costumes, lights and visual concept : Hiroaki Umeda

Visual conception : Shoya Dozono

Duration : 18 minutes

Piece for 4 dancers


Originally commissioned for L.A. Dance Project, Hiroaki Umeda’s Peripheral Stream displays this choreographer’s unique ability to mix dance, light projection and sound.


Premiere on April 8th, 2015 at Théâtre du Châtelet, Paris


Choreography : Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui

Assistants choreography and rehearsal director : Jason Kittelberger and Nemo Oeghoede

Lighting design : Fabiana Piccioli

Music : DR. Ysaye M. Barnwell : « Would you Harbor me » (1994) and Woojae Park (original music)

Sets : Sander Loonen et Fabiana Piccioli

Costumes : Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui et Fabiana Piccioli

Costumes assistant : Amy Rousselot

Costumes realisation : Isabelle Comte

Piece for 3 dancers 




Premiere on April 8th, 2015 at Théâtre du Châtelet, Paris

Choreography : Benjamin Millepied

Original Music : Philip Glass

Costumes : Janie Taylor

Lights : Roderick Murray

Visual concept : Liam Gillick 

Length : 17 minutes

Piece for 8 dancers

Order by Van Clef & Arpels, with the co-production of Biennale de la Danse de Lyon and the L.A. Dance Project



"A propulsive, kinetic stream of movement to Philip Glass’s “String Quartet No. 3 (Mishima),” the as-yet-untitled work offers a glowing display of Mr. Millepied’s craftsmanship — the way he keeps his eight dancers constantly moving through asymmetrical and contrapuntal patterns, surging in and out of groups, separating into solos and pairs. Tiny narratives, emotion, histories, memories are evoked in the way the dancers coalesce and part, the surprise of formations and their dissolution. Everything is unexpected, everything feels serendipitously right. " The New York Times, Oct 3, 2014


Premiere on September 25th 2014 at Opéra Théâtre, Saint-Etienne

Choreography : Roy Assaf

Assistant Choreographer : Jeremie Bernheim

In collaboration with : Stephanie Amurao, Anthony Bryant, Aaron Carr, Julia Eichten, Charlie Hodges, Morgan Lugo, Nathan Makolandra, Rachelle Rafailedes,

Story : L.A. Dance Project dancers

Storyteller : Charlie Hodges

Music : Svanur by Rökkurró, (c) 2010. From the album Í Annan Heim.

Music editing : Reut Yehudai / Jeremie Bernheim

Lighting Design : Omer Sheizaf

Costume Design : Janie Taylor

Length : 20 minutes

Piece for 8 dancers

Coproduction Biennale de la Danse, Lyon and LA Dance Project




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