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JULIE GUIBERT, Dance Director

The Lyon Opera Ballet is special in that although a classical formation it is oriented towards contemporary dance; given the wide range of dance styles proposed, the artists acquire many different techniques.

Over a period of nearly twenty years the company has built up an impressive repertoire (70 works including 35 world creations) bringing in choreographers favouring and developing language, inventing environments and settings : the post-modern Americans (Trisha Brown, Lucinda Childs, Bill T. Jones, Ralph Lemon, Stephen Petronio and Susan Marshall), the writers of movement (Jiří Kylián, Mats Ek, William Forsythe, Nacho Duato) and the explorers of new
territories combining body language and images (Frédéric Flamand, Philippe Decouflé, and more recently, Mathilde Monnier).

A step towards the future, embracing other paths to dramatic excellence, along with stimulating reinterpetations of classic works (Cinderella as seen by Maguy Marin, Romeo and Juliet by Angelin Preljocaj and The Nutcracker by Dominique Boivin). It can truly said that the Lyon Opera Ballet reflects today's multifaceted world of dance.






Premiere 1996 Frankfurt Ballett
New to the Lyon Opera Ballet repertory september 2003

Choreography, staging, costumes and lighting design : William Forsythe
Music : Thom Willems
Length : 13 minutes

Piece for 2 female dancers

A sort of clock set in motion by two dancers makes passing time visible : the dancers spin with time, drawing it out, unwinding it in spirals, matching each other mirror-like or interlinking twin-like. The performers borrow, lend and continually redistribute their "material" (a dance phrase).



Premiere 2000 Frankfurt Ballett
New to the Lyon Opera Ballet repertory September 2004

Choreography, staging and lighting design : William Forsythe
Music : Thom Willems
Length : 17 minutes

Piece for 14 dancers

A wild course between large tables, rather like rafts, living spaces in mid-air, the dance begins to take form and develops in the passages between, below and above these platforms whose very arrangement organizes our perception : bodies seen whole, in halves or truncated. A torrent of unusual constructions in vision and sound.


Chorégraphie : Alessandro Sciarroni 

Musique : Pablo Esbert Lilienfeld 

Lumières : Rocco Giansante 

Costumes : EttoreLombardi

Re-Creation February 2021 at Opéra de Lyon

Piece for 15 dancers


Production : Opéra national de Lyon

Together with the Opéra de Lyon Ballet,choreographer Alessandro Sciarroni offer a new version of FOLK-S,will you still love me tomorrow?his emblematic piece inspired by Tyrolean folk dance.Breathtaking and hypnotic.



Marcos Morau 

Sleeping Beauty 

> Creation November 13th, 2022 at Opéra de Lyon 

> Available for touring starting December 2022. 

Production : Opéra national de Lyon 




This 15 dancers’ piece, that will hold the original Tchaïkovski score, will revisit through the singular choreographer’s imagination this traditional and familial fairy tale. 

Taking us in this refined museum, the sleeping beauty is being observed by numerous visitors, some more curious than others. What is this world in which Aurora awakes now? 



Marcos Morau 

Trained between Barcelona and New York, in photography, movement and theater, Marcos Morau builds imaginary worlds and landscapes where movement and image meet and engulf each other. 

For more than ten years, Marcos Morau has directed La Veronal as a director, choreographer and designer of sets, costumes and lighting. He has traveled the world presenting his works at festivals, theaters, and various international contexts such as the Théâtre national de Chaillot in Paris, the Biennale di Venezia , the Festival d'Avignon , Tanz Im August in Berlin, the RomaEuropa Festival, the SIDance Festival in Seoul or Sadler's Wells in London, among many others. Being the youngest National Dance Prize in Spain, Marcos Morau's language is an inheritance of abstract movement and physical theater. A powerful body language based on the annihilation of all organic logic, dissecting the movement, and turning it into a unique identity. 


The future of Morau opens up to new formats and languages where Opera, dance and physical theater dialogue more closely than ever, seeking new ways of expressing and communicating in our present time, always convulsed and changing. 


Danser Encore 

Being developed over the months, 7 solos were created in September 2020, 12 will be in June 2021, 16 in October 2021… and there will be 30 in June 2023. 

Danser Encore 

Being developed over the months, 7 solos were created in September 2020, 12 will be in June 2021, 16 in October 2021… and there will be 30 in June 2023. 

These solos are being created on stage or site specific imagined and conceived by choreographers, visual artists, filmmakers, authors…, faithful to the diversity and richness of this world. 

> Solos created in Septembre 2020 

Jan Martens & Kristina Bentz 

Yuval Pick & Marcos Merenda 

Bintou Dembélé & Merel Van Heeswijk 

Mercedes Dassy & Maeva Lassère 

Ioannis Mandafounis & Yan Leiva 

Jone San Martin & Julia Carnicer 

Kylie Walters & Anna Romanova 

> Solos in creation 

June 5th & 6th, 2021 in Subsistances, Lyon 

Noé Soulier & Katrien De Bakker 

Rachid Ouramdane & Léoannis Pupo-Guillen 

Marcos Morau & Paul Vezin 

Nina Santes & Elsa Montguillot de Mirman 

Adrien M & Claire B & Tyler Galster 

October 2nd & 3rd in Espace des Arts, Chalon-sur Saône 

Pierre Pontvianne & Alvaro Dule 

Silvia Gribaudi & Giacomo Luci 

Tatiana Julien & Jacqueline Baby 

Adam Linder & Samuel Pereira 



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